Advanced configuration

Static Configuration

A default static configuration static_configuration.json is deployed with CARS Install.

This file enables to customize the parameters of the following algorithms:

  • SIFTs computation

  • alignment on the input DEM

  • disparity range determination

  • the points cloud filters

  • the epipolar tiling configuration

  • the grid divider factor of the rasterization step (to accelerate the neighbors searching using kd-tree)

  • the output color image format

  • the geometry loader to use (fixed to internal OTBGeometry)

  • the geoid to use in CARS (optional). The user can choose to use CARS internal geoid file by setting use_cars_geoid to true or provides his own geoid via the geoid_path key. To not use any geoid file, the user have to set use_cars_geoid to false and fix the geoid_path to None or not set it at all.

This file can be copied and changed with the CARS_STATIC_CONFIGURATION environment variable, which represents the full path of the changed file.