3D CARS common words and shortened terms are detailed here.

To update, follow glossary sphinx documentation in RST source documentation.


means CNES Algorithms to Reconstruct Surface (ou Chaîne Automatique de Restitution Stéréoscopique en français)


Means the internal CARS function used as the engine core for steps and pipelines.


The short version of “disparity”


The column difference between a pixel in the left image and its homologous pixel in the right image.


Digital Elevation Model. Usually means all elevation models in raster: DSM, DTM,…


Digital Surface Model. Represents the earth’s surface and includes all objects on it. CARS generates DSMs. See Digital Elevation Model


Digital Terrain Model. Represents bare ground surface without any objects like plants and buildings You need another tool to generate DTM from CARS DSM. See Digital Elevation Model


A shortened version for “epipolar”. Simplify length of functions in CARS code.


Refer to epipolar geometry used as basis for CARS 3D pipeline.


Stereo matching or disparity estimation is the process of finding the pixels in the multiscopic views that correspond to the same 3D point in the scene.


In computing, a pipeline, also known as a data pipeline is a set of data processing elements connected in series, where the output of one element is the input of the next one. In CARS, pipeline orchestrates applications/functions to chain 3D steps to produce DSM.


Image rectification is a transformation process used to project images onto a common image plane. In CARS, the epipipolar geometry rectification is used.


Region of Interest means a subpart of the DSM raster in CARS. It can be defined by a file or a bounding box.