this module contains the abstract triangulation application class.

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class cars.applications.triangulation.triangulation.Triangulation(conf=None)

Bases: cars.applications.application_template.ApplicationTemplate


available_applications :Dict
default_application = line_of_sight_intersection
classmethod __init_subclass__(short_name, **kwargs)
abstract run(sensor_image_left, sensor_image_right, epipolar_images_left, epipolar_images_right, grid_left, grid_right, epipolar_disparity_map_left, epipolar_disparity_map_right, epsg, orchestrator=None, pair_folder=None, pair_key='PAIR_0', uncorrected_grid_right=None, geoid_path=None, disp_min=0, disp_max=0)

Run Triangulation application.

Created left and right CarsDataset filled with xarray.Dataset, corresponding to 3D points clouds, stored on epipolar geometry grid.

  • sensor_image_left (CarsDataset) – tiled sensor left image

  • sensor_image_right (CarsDataset) – tiled sensor right image

  • epipolar_images_left (CarsDataset) – tiled epipolar left image

  • epipolar_images_right (CarsDataset) – tiled epipolar right image

  • grid_left (CarsDataset) – left epipolar grid

  • grid_right (CarsDataset) – right epipolar grid

  • epipolar_disparity_map_left (CarsDataset) – tiled left disparity map or sparse matches

  • epipolar_disparity_map_right (CarsDataset) – tiled right disparity map or sparse matches

  • orchestrator – orchestrator used

  • pair_folder (str) – folder used for current pair

  • pair_key (str) – pair key id

  • uncorrected_grid_right (CarsDataset) – not corrected right epipolar grid used if self.snap_to_img1

  • geoid_path (str) – geoid path

  • disp_min (int) – minimum disparity

  • disp_max (int) – maximum disparity

:return left points cloud, right points cloud :rtype: Tuple(CarsDataset, CarsDataset)