Software design

CARS design aims a modular and customizable framework for multiview 3d reconstruction. This design is organized around key concepts described in this section.


Under construction with CARS design evolution.

The CARS framework can be introduced by the following diagram:

Cars Framework

This section presents one by one the CARS key concepts and their interaction.

  • CarsDataset Input and output object of an application. Contains a calculated and potentially tiled data.

  • Application: Algorithmic methods that takes

  • Orchestrator: It instantiates and interfaces with the cluster to which it provides the tasks to be processed. It is responsible for writing the data calculated by the cluster on the fly.

  • Plugin: library or external tools providing specific 3d functions. Under heavy reconstruction !

  • Pipeline: A chain of applications ( 3d reconstruction steps) from input to output with intermediate data (CarsDataset) controlled by orchestrator;